delaneylee | Dust Bunny
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dust bunny

With every generation, behaviour and everyday practices are altered to adopt new technologies. As we advance human knowledge, previous generations experiences and insights are lost and often only recalled once triggered by unknown forces; brought to our attention only in reflection after unforeseen effects.

The Dust Bunny project began with dirt.

We began a conversation that explored the modern mindset of aversion and obsessive need for cleanliness; how society has come onto a new problem of weakened immunity due to the over protective nature in daily lifestyles, combined with excessive over use of antibiotics. How did we get here?

When I was a child I love my stuffed animals and would bring them everywhere with me. At preschool my favourite toys were the stuffed animals, but now due to new practices and parental concern they won’t be found there anymore. What used to be a companion for the first few years of a child’s life, are now confined to the safety and clean environment of the house or even just the bedroom.

Dirt is our foundation, that which gives life.

The Dust Bunny project reintroduces the stuffed animal as a source of comfort and wellness; a source of strength.