playoffs during the pandemic

When Covid-19 became a reality in Vancouver, I had just sent playoff tickets in to production. At the time, the possibility of the Canucks making it to the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs was unknown; but these key production files have to be prepared far in advance.

Everything now was in question and it became a guessing game of what might happen. This meant creating a system and playoff campaign that is both flexible and current, while still being realistic given the short timelines that we were required to work within.

see playoff campaign guidelines

playoff marks

In addition to the playoff assets provided by the NHL, we also needed versions that could be used independently from the league. These would be used on any collateral featuring our corporate partners, as well as throughout the campaign.

playoff campaign direction

The messaging was a focus on the community as a whole, coming together stronger than before. The intent was to instill the feeling that NHL hockey is back, with an uplifting and exciting emotion; with a team the city could rally behind together, while apart.

After the Canucks 50th season that celebrated its colourful past, this was a return to the Canucks blue, green and white. Entering a new team era this is a renewed focus on the players and the intensity of the sport, regardless of where the game is played.

playoff towel

province poster series

A fun poster series partnering with the Province newspaper, featuring a player every game. While working on these I began playing around with screen recording my process, and honestly can't believe I didn't try this out sooner. Watching yourself work through a new design is super fun—at super speed of course—

Elias Pettersson

featuring a pesky undone chin strap

Quinn Hughes

phone wallpaper resizing

round two gameday series
more misc wallpapers