Colourful past. Bright future.

"It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing Bure Black, Nazzy Navy or Boeser Blue – if you’re with us, you’re one of us. Because being a fan isn’t about what divides us. It’s what we have in common. It’s out connection to a city that’s as vibrant and diverse as our jersey collection. We don’t hide from our colourful past. We embrace it. And each other. And all the colourful characters we’ve met along the way." ( ← part of season manifesto )
For the 50th season, my team was challenged to create a visual campaign that celebrates all the unique colours, jerseys, and countless historic moments. Our objective was to honour the past while celebrating the current young and bright team.
system elements

era colours


In order to create a campaign that could feature all eras together, we needed a colour system that would work when all were in one composition, and still be able to evoke each era despite not being the true colours. As the true colours simply did not look great together naturally. To simplify this further the colours the team chose are the above buckets. To pair with this dramatic and colourful departure, the typeface families used for this season were Dharma Gothic & Druk Text wide. Both provided a variety of weights that would work across the many mediums we produce.


The visual imagery for the season, featured the historic eras as duotones, and maintained full colour image treatment for current team members. The intention was to always highlight the new stars while celebrating the past legends. Another element of the campaign was a fan inspired "tapestry" that featured moments, nicknames, stars past and present alike, woven together illustrations used as a background pattern.
Season tickets
The first piece of each seasons campaign is the members tickets, which are sent to the account holders typically around the end of August. In order to meet that deadline these must go off to print by the start of July, which leaves about 2 ½ months from the end of the previous season.
Now this might sound like ages. It's really not when you factor in our daily workload, and this year we happened to also be hosting the NHL draft in Vancouver (during the 3rd week of June). Being the 50th anniversary season, it was no small campaign to create nor one to take lightly. Being the earliest project of each season, the tickets are the first real piece that establishes the visual system, and requires the most rigorous approval process needing senior leadership and ownership approval.
Having done last seasons tickets, I was the project lead for member tickets again, and established the general ticket structure and system. With a relatively new but exciting generation, the objective was to have the players as the main focus, and the matchup came secondary.
To maintain consistency across all 44 tickets without them feeling repetitive, the live area was divided to use thirds and have the flexibility to switch sides. In addition there are 4 different possible layouts for the majority of tickets, as well as special themed versions for specific nights such as the throwback eras or Sedin retirement week.
Then to top it all off we also needed to clone all images to reflect the new jerseys to be debuted this upcoming season, all the "VANCOUVER"s need to come off. In addition we were limited to only last seasons photography, as the prior season had also been a league wide jersey change to the adidas shells.
To complete all 44 tickets it was a complete team effort. And even with all five of us designers, the eyes of marketing, senior leadership, and ownership; we forgot something super obvious.
alumni messages to members

City Street Banners

& Georgia Viaduct window

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Fan engagement project

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Era Poster Series